Greenberg Adoption: The Law Offices of Clifford L. Greenberg

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Greenberg Adoption: The Law Offices of Clifford L. Greenberg

Energy and Experience: Helping Clients Adopt the Children They Love

Greenberg Adoption: The Law Offices of Clifford L. Greenberg is a boutique law firm focusing on adoption law. Greenberg Adoption's founder, Clifford L. Greenberg, is a native New Yorker and understand sthe specific needs of New York courts and New York clients.

Cliff has been practicing adoption law in New York since 1993, and in that time, he has helped more than 4,000 clients adopt the children they love. In addition to being an adoption attorney and host of the monthly Family Law Clinic at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, Cliff writes children's books on adoption.

Call 212-545-7337 to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

Greenberg Adoption is conveniently located on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea, across from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden and accessible via multiple subway lines. The firm serves clients throughout New York City, Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Sullivan County, and Franklin County.

Greenberg Adoption offers free, in-person consultations so prospective clients can carefully consider their adoption options. To schedule a meeting with Cliff (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese), or to learn more, please call 212-545-7337.

Information on Step Parent Adoption:

If your step child's biological parent is no longer alive, you can become his or her legal parent through a fairly straightforward legal process. This is not the case, however, if your step child's biological parent is alive. In this case, the biological parent would have to give up their parental rights including child custody and visitation. The biological parent would then be released from their responsibility of paying child support. If the biological parent is unwilling to surrender his or her parental rights, the case would need to be litigated in Family and Surrogate's Court. If the child is 14 years or older, he or she needs to consent to the adoption.

Our adoption attorneys have extensive experience handling contested stepparent adoptions throughout New York. We know how to prove if a child is in a dangerous situation or the biological parent is unfit based on a variety of concerns such as:

Physical or sexual abuse
Abandonment or neglect
Mental illness
Alcohol or drug addictions

New York adoption attorney Clifford Greenberg and his legal team have handled more than 4,000 adoptions throughout New York. We know how to effectively handle contested adoptions in the children's best interests. Our legal team is committed to guiding you through the legal process and will keep you fully informed on any potential roadblocks.

LGBT Adoptions Provide an Important Safeguard

Even if you and your partner have every intention to be together long-term, a second-parent adoption is an important way to protect your parenting rights. Without legally adopting your partner's biological child, you could lose your right to child custody, parenting time or child support if you and your partner separate ways. A LGBT could prevent this through formally establishing your parental rights and responsibilities.

Offering Highly Skilled Second-Parent Adoption Services

Second-parent adoptions are highly complicated and a relatively new area of adoption law. Even attorneys who handle adoptions may not be familiar with all the details involved. Adoption attorney Clifford Greenberg has handled LGBT adoptions in New York since the beginning. He has helped more than 4,000 families adopt, many of which were LGBT families.

Mr. Greenberg has emerged as an industry resource and leader on LGBT adoptions. He is the resident legal expert at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in Greenwich Village, where he lectures monthly to families interested in adoption. He also regularly blogs and lectures at foster care agencies and community organizations on second-parent adoptions.
More Than Experience — We Passionately Support Gay Adoptions

Clifford Greenberg uses his writing and legal skills to support his clients' civil rights. He recently wrote a children's book, Living the Dream with Mommy and Mama. This book celebrates the loving relationship a young girl has with her two mothers. Just going to press now is a children's book on same-sex marriage, illustrated by his 11 year-old-daughter, Jojo. Entitled Freedom for Us All, it chronicles the journey of a same-sex couple whose daughter dreams about the day when all couples can marry and when all families are considered equal.

New York Adoption Attorney and Advocate

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