Inky Blue Sea Companion Animal Rescue, Inc.

517 E 117th St
New York NY  10035

Phone: (917) 688-5633

Inky Blue Sea Companion Animal Rescue, Inc.

Inky Blue Sea is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending the suffering of abused, abandoned, and homeless companion animals in the Greater New York area and Puerto Rico.

Countless animals fill our shelters every year, while thousands of others wander the streets, often succumbing to gruesome fates from poisonings, exposure to weather, disease, torture, neglect and many other perils. In Puerto Rico alone, the population of stray animals grows at a staggering rate and the cruelty that most of them endure is almost surreal. With the lack of resources for animal rescue groups and limited government support, the animals are in a dire situation.

Past Inky Blue Sea’s rescue projects include:
- Rescuing dogs, cats puppies and kittens dumped on beaches and streets and providing them with medical attention, foster care and flights to US sanctuaries to find them permanent homes. Until more consciousness is raised in Puerto Rico about humane animal treatment, these animals (the lucky few) are sent to cities in the Northeast and Out West for adoption. A "temporary" fix.
- Funding and facilitating aggressive Spay and Neuter campaigns for animals all over the island of Puerto Rico and Greater New York, with measurable results.
- Campaigning for and enforcing humane education programs in our middle schools.
- Working with senior citizens, low-income families, people in poor physical or mental health, the disabled, victims of domestic violence and relevant agencies to help match them up with shelter animals, or help them sustain the companion animals in their lives when obstacles, tragedy or finances threaten to separate them. The positive impact on the mental, emotional and physical health of human beings and animals alike, and other benefits reaped from such bonds, is undeniable.
- Working with the media and initiating unique multimedia campaigns to support our mission.

Why are we called Inky Blue Sea?

Having traveled all over the world to cities near or located on coastal regions, we have witnessed animals in severe distress amidst the beautiful backdrop of the sea.

You can travel to the most beautiful places in the world and witness cruelty to animals that is unimaginable but ever so real.

Our organization addresses the welfare of both animals and people, as we must invariably co-exist together. This is exactly why Inky Blue Sea is taking a stand to empower communities and future generations with respect and compassion for ourselves and for all living beings.


In the past 4 years, we have rescued and found homes for over 400 dogs and cats.

We have formed adoption partnerships with PETCO, Petsmart, BIDEAWEE, as well as general partnerships with Americorps, RSVP community Service and several humane organizations and foundations in Puerto Rico and NYC. As always, the support of dedicated volunteers proves that kind actions cause a ripple affect. 100 percent of the donations made to Inky Blue Sea goes directly to the animals we rescue.

We are dedicated to rescuing abused & abandoned animals living in coastal regions.

We rescue, vet, foster and find permanent homes for animals that are vulnerable to horrifying acts of cruelty. We work with community organizations to help empower youth by teaching humane behaviors and leadership skills-- essential tools for character development. In the past 4 years, we have rescued and found homes for over 400 dogs and cats.

We are true team players and have formed wonderful partnerships and alliances with animal foundations and rescue groups in Puerto Rico and NYC. We forged alliances with local and nationwide organizations such as Bideawee, Mighty Mutts, Americorps, Worth Street Vets, the PETCO foundation, Petsmart Charities, Green Chimneys, Save a Gato, the Center for Animal Care and Control, Save a Sato and El Faro de los animales.

All volunteer, sponsorship and partnership requests can be emailed to:

Feel free to inquire about joining our team to help us with fundraising, transports, fostering, administrative support, or just by championing our cause through

We devote all our efforts to two critical facets of ending animal neglect and abuse:
1. To the rescue of companion animals from harm and distress and finding them a loving home;
2. To the education on the understanding and caring for our companion animals

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Founded: Founded in 2009. Incorporated as 501(c)(3) in 2011.

Categories: Adoption Service, Animal Shelter, Community Organization, Non-Profit Organization

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