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4019 Ave T
Brooklyn NY  11234

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Bell Amusements & Entertainment

For over 30 years, Bell Amusements & Entertainment has provided our customers the chance to generate income for their business at no investment cost to them.

With hardly any upkeep and no investment, you'll see an immediate increase in your earnings. It’s that simple. We deliver your jukeboxes – or pinball machines, pool tables, and video games – and when the coin boxes are full, it’s all profit! Call today for percentage details.

Making a business thrive is difficult and, as you know, atmosphere plays a crucial role. Create the perfect, exciting environment for your patrons with various jukeboxes, classic and modern games, and let the good times begin.
•Jukeboxes •Standard / classic CD
•Mini (these compact jukeboxes allow you to place them almost anywhere)
•Digital touchscreen
•Floor models
•Interchangeable skins (allow you to change the look of your jukebox to fit your style)


Unsurpassed quality in the coin operated billiards industry

Pool is a classic. Whether you're interested in a table for recreational use, or need a coin operated table for your bar, restaurant, or business, the fun is only a phone call away. With free delivery, you'll start making money the first day your tables arrive!
•Pool tables of all sizes
•Multiple colors
•Standard tables (coin operated and non coin operated)
•Electronic programmable tables
•Tables for residential or commercial use

Billiards has been a proven money maker for generations
Bell Amusements has an extensive line of tables that can work with your interior. We carry all sizes, all colors, standard tables and programmable electric models, all of which will bring you added revenue week after week.

Everyone likes a challenge, and pinball provides the ultimate in personal gaming fun. For generations pin ball machines have been a mainstay at bars, convenience stores, arcades, and many other locations, and will be a dependable fan favorite at your location.
•Classic pinball machines •Rock & Roll
•The Avengers

Modern gaming for the next generation

If your business caters to a clientele of a younger generation, outfitting your location with modern, flashier games and machines is a no-brainer. Once your patrons get a load of these fantastic games, they won't want to leave.
•Free standing & counter top games
•Shuffle Bowling (we bring the alley to you!)
•Air hockey
•Mega touch
•Park Avenue
•Multi-game machines

Readily available cash keeps customers & patrons at your location

With the added convenience of accessing cash at any time, your customers only have to walk a few feet for the money they need, not across the street or a few blocks down. Plus, ATMs don't require much space, and won't disrupt your current interior design.
•Free installation
•Engineered to provide outstanding reliability
•Comfortable accessibility from your location
•State of the art technology
•Small footprint allows of installation virtually anywhere
•Assistance with ATM licensing process

Give your business establishment the opportunity to generate additional income at no cost. We provide free delivery, installation & licensing on:
Juke Boxes
Pool Tables
Arcade Games
Pinball Machines
ATM Machines
& more!

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